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Bees for Kids -  and parents, students and teachers
When we want future generations of us to appreciate and value the treasures of our world, teaching our children and grandchildren about the amazing world of bees is probably a good part of it .

Yes, let your kids know that bees can sting but more importantly that our life depends on them.
If we had no bees we would run out of food!

On this page we have gathered useful information and links to interesting websites that could be the starting point for a deeper interest in the world of bees.
To take it to the next level and experience the buzz of live bees in their hives, you and your children and/or grandchildren can visit the Collingwood Children's Farm Apiary to learn more about bees and beekeeping.

Maya the bee

Collingwood Children's Farm Apiary
When you want to experience the buzz of live bees in their hives, you can by visiting the Collingwood Children's Farm Apiary

The apiary is jointly managed by beekeepers from the VAA Melbourne Section and Collingwood Children’s Farm.

Its aim is to educate the public about bees and beekeeping, as well as providing beekeeping advice and practice to current and prospective beekeepers.

It is open from 10:30 to 3:30 on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the months from September to May and on the last Sunday for June, July and August.

To reach the apiary, go to the end of St Heliers St, Abbotsford, turn right along the bike path and walk approx. 300 metres (Melway 2D D10).

The Collingwood Children's Farm Apiary is represented via the following channels:


World of Bees - websites

Maya the Bee
"Biene Maja" (Maya the bee) has been the world's biggest cartoon series featuring bees and the insect world and has been shown on German TV in 104 20-minute episodes in the late 1970's. A great children educational program. Now a new animation film production of Maya the Bee has been released by Studio 100.
You can download free wallpapers, play games or send free Maya e-cards, etc.

HOBOS - For all who not only love nature but live nature.
The Honeybee research website for students, parents, teachers, scientists and beekeepers. HOBOS is an internet platform where a living bee colony is observed multifaceted with the possibilities of the technological, digital world. Since 2006 bee expert Professor Dr. Jürgen Tautz has been developing HOBOS (Honey Bee Online Studies) as an alternative teaching method for schools.  Bees equipped with micro-chips, the interior of a bee hive, as well as numerous measuring values of its environment (climate, vegetation, soil) can be monitored and kept track of from anywhere around the globe.  

World of Bees - video clips on YouTube

The honey bee Waggle Dance
A YouTube video clip showing how bees dance to communicate to the others where they should fly to find nectar.

Teach kids the importance of bees
A video clip for parents. The motivation behind the childrens' book "Bee and me"
Honey Bee - Teach Your Kids About The Amazing Bees
A slide show with information about bees.
The Beehive
An animation about the life of bees and the structure of beehives.
How bees make Honey
An educational animation explaining how bees make honey.
How it is made - Honey
An educational animation explaining how bees make honey.
How bees make honey with Steve the beekeeper
Steve the beekeeper shows how bees make honey in their wooden hives.
Harvesting Honey
How to collect honey from the hive, decapping the honeycomb, extracting the honey from the comb and filling it into the jar - for the first time.
The Queen Bee
A video clip showing the queen bee laying eggs.
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