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Becoming a Beekeeper
There is more than one reason why someone would want to start beekeeping as a hobby.
  • To harvest some honey is probably the most common reason for keeping bees.
  • Pollinating the fruit trees and vegetables grown in your garden is probably the second common reason.
  • Helping the Environment can be another reason.

Beekeeping can provide a great source of satisfaction as you look after these fascinating and amazing little creatures. Many beekeepers find their activity helps them relax from the stress of daily modern life.
Becoming a beekeeper - how to start?
Beekeeping involves far more than simply acquiring a beehive, placing it in the backyard and every now and then "turn the tap on" for some honey!

Before venturing into Beekeeping please conduct a Beekeeping Reality Check
by going through Session 1 of our

Once you have completed Session 1 and your desire to keep bees hasn't faded, we encourage you to continue the course through sessions 2,3,4,5.

Our course should provide you with a sound foundation for becoming a beekeeper.

For a list of other Beekeeping Courses please visit

Joining a Beekeeper Club
Rather than experiencing it all on your own, why not join a beekeeper club or an association to fast track your knowledge and experience?

By joining a beekeeper club you have the support from other beekeepers, access to a library of beekeeping books and other media, as well as the benefit of beekeeping discussions.

The practical element of experienced beekeepers does often complement the knowledge obtained from books..

For a list of Beekeeper Clubs and Associations in Australia

Beekeeping Supplies - where to get it
Please be advised that Amazing Bees are not trading in beekeeping supplies, tools and equipment.

We are beekeepers and offer only our own products and services as well as the products and services of our Honeybees.

For Traders of Beekeeping Supplies please visit

Beekeepers wanting to buy or sell beekeeping equipment
or make announcements can post it on The Beekeepers' Pinboard

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