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Raw Honey from Melbourne's surroundings
Raw Honey, cold extracted and cold filtered

To preserve the beneficial substances contained in Raw Honey we practise cold extraction and cold filtering. At no time in the extraction process our honey is heated or brought in contact with hot objects like decapping knifes. The internal hive temperature of 34°C, regulated by the bees, is the highest temperature our honey ever gets exposed to. Our honey is cold filtered through a fine strainer, resulting in raw honey which may contain fine particles of pollen and wax. Honey as mother nature intended. More about Producing Honey
Our products can be ordered online (see below) and mailed or delivered to you, or picked up from our address. See our Contact Details

For shipments to other countries please be aware that some countries do not allow the import of honey. Please check the regulations for your country

Please note:
  • We only offer our own products and the quantity is limited. We can sell only as long as stock lasts.
  • Honey in glass jars is not available for mail shipment.

New Season Premium Raw Honey
Raw Honey 500 grams in glass jar *
Premium Raw Eucalypt Honey in glass jar
$20 per kg

* Not available for mail shipment!
Limited availability

Our Honey sources
To produce pristine honey we are aiming to keep our honey-producing beehives at least three kilometres away from areas that might be affected by the use of chemicals, away from orchards, nurseries, crop farming, industrial sites and rubbish tips. That's why we consider our honey as organic honey. More About Honey

Our beehives are located in different locations within Victoria, enabling our bees to collect nectar from a variety of flowering plants, mainly Eucalyptus trees, producing a variety of raw honey with different colours and flavours. More about Australian Nectar Sources

Our New Season Honey has been sourced from: Wonga Park, Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground

Labeling of Honey
Honey gets commonly labeled according to the flora sources the bees have collected the nectar from. To label honey after a particular flora source at least 40% of it should come from that particular plant - collecting nectar from one plant only (100%) is practically impossible.

Most of the honey here in Australia is produced from the nectar of Eucalyptus trees and is therefore Eucalyptus Honey.

Honey coming from a mix of flora sources, or when a predominant source cannot be determined, gets labeled as "Multi Flora" or "Wildflower" or after the area it is coming from.

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