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Amazing Bees
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Amazing Bees

Name:     Dietmar Klimkeit  (Mark)

Address:  25 Democrat Drive, The Basin, Vic 3154, Australia
                Eastern fringe of Melbourne

Mobile:   0414 558 400 - best time to call is from 8 - 10am and from 5 - 7pm

We keep our bees on other people's private land, therefore:
We have no "bee farm" or "honey farm" for you to visit.
We operate from home and are available by appointment only.

When working with our bees we are often unable to answer the phone. In such case please leave a text or voice message.

It is swarming season now!

However, due to other commitments and
until further notice we are unable to provide our Bee Removal Service.

For Bee Removal please go to

You can leave a message using this form:

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