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European Honeybees for sale
If you are located in Melbourne or not too far from it and want to buy bees, we might be able to provide you with European Honeybees.

  • We raise new bee colonies only in tune with nature, when the bees are preparing to multiply or have already multiplied on their own accord.

  • We do not forcefully raise new bee colonies to fill existing or anticipated demand. Therefore, the number of bee colonies we can supply is limited.

  • Sorry, we cannot take bookings for bee colonies not posted on this page as we don’t want to make promises we might not be able to keep.

If you are New to Beekeeping please visit our page Becoming a Beekeeper
The Process:
  • When bee colonies become available for sale we post them in the table below.
  • You select the item you are interested in and fill in the Sales Enquiry form below.
  • We confirm availability and prompt you to either, make a deposit payment, or pick up your bees, or have them delivered by us.
  • If you are unable to collect or receive your bees within a week, as the colony is growing, we might have to reallocate them to someone else.

We are aiming to provide two Options:
Option1, Beehive with Bees
Option2, Bees for Your Hive (on 8 frames)
Currently no Bees are available for sale

Item# and description
with Bees
Option 2
Bees for
Your Hive

- Bee colonies will be listed here when available -

Bees on Comb
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