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Information regarding Bee Colonies supplied by Amazing Bees
Definitions and Information, terminology used and conditions for the sale of Bee Colonies provided by Amazing Bees.

Details for Option1, Beehive with Bees
We provide you with a new single-box Langstroth hive (starter hive), populated with a colony of Bees on frames, proven queen and established brood nest.

We acquire 8-frame, full depth Langstroth, single-box starter hives from our supplier. The hives are unbranded and of solid construction. For durability the wooden hives are hot-wax-dipped and painted with white paving paint.

The 8-frame, full depth Langstroth Starter Hive consists of:
1. Hive Lid (plywood with white colourbond cover, vents)
2. Hive mat (vinyl)
3. Brood Box (unbranded)
4. Hive Bottom (with tin, plywood or weathertex sheet)
5. Hive spring clips fitted to hold all hive components together; fit for transport.
6. A colony of bees (including queen and brood in all stages)

Option1, full depth 8-frame Langstroth Starter Hive populated with a colony of bees
Beehive with bees

Details for Option2, Bees for Your Hive
You deliver your empty, full depth Langstroth starter hive to us and we populate it with a colony of Bees on full depth frames, proven queen and established brood nest.

When we ask you to deliver your empty hive to us, please understand that we can only accept new hives to transfer the bees into.

Alternatively, if your hives have been used before, we need proof that they are free of diseases, in particular free of AFB. We want to spare you from disappointment. You can have pre-used hives sterilised with gamma irradiation; e.g. by Steritech in Dandenong.

Please note that in most cases we only require your empty hive, without frames! Unless we populate your hive with a newly captured swarm the bees are already occupying frames and will be transferred into your hive on these frames.

What we need is the complete and fully functional, ready-to-use single-box starter hive, fit for transporting live bees, including hive mat, ratchet strap or emlock or hive spring clips fitted to keep the hive components together during transport.

To minimise stress on the bees we transfer the bees into Your Hive several days before pick up, allowing them to settle in. Therefore, your hive must be complete and fully functional, e.g. vents fitted in lid to allow good air circulation!

Details for Option3, Bee Swarm for Your Hive

This option is not available - until futher notice.

How we raise new Bee Colonies
We raise new bee colonies:
  • by splitting our established hives; in order to prevent swarming (1)
  • by creating artificial swarms; in order to prevent swarming (1)
  • from captured swarms (2)
  • cultivated from feral colonies (2, 3)

(1) The age of the queen is known and is usually less than a year old; either purchased from a queen breeder or self-raised.

(2) The age of the queen from swarms and feral colonies is unknown. Not well performing queens are requeened before sale.

(3) Feral colonies are getting cultivated first and are subject to an extensive observation period to confirm good health.

Assured for Option 1 and 2:  All Bee Colonies come with a productive Queen.

Constraints & Limitations
  • Shipping of "Packaged Bees" within Australia by common freight carriers is not available for liability reasons. Please let us know if you know about such a service. You need to pick up your bees from us or arrange delivery with us.

  • We only sell bees that have been posted on our web page. (No advance bookings)

Hive Pick-up or Delivery (Option 1 and 2)
After a period of observation, confirming a proven queen and a normal and healthy brood status, we confirm with you the pick-up time.

You need to pick-up your bees within a week, usually before sunrise in the morning or after sunset at night, when all bees are in the hive.

Alternatively, we can deliver them to your place for a delivery fee to cover for time & petrol.

Note: The bee population of a new colony can rapidly grow. Therefore, if you are unable to collect your bees within a week after we have notified you, we might need to re-allocate them to somebody else.

Feed your bees if necessary

When you have received your bees please confirm that they do find sufficient pollen and nectar.

If not, please feed your bees or relocate them to better conditions.

We cannot guarantee that your bees will find sufficient food in the area where they are relocated to.

More about Feeding Bees in our Introductory Beekeeping Course.

Colony Strength and Hive Size
A starter colony is usually raised in a 5-frame nucleus hive and when it has grown to full capacity, i.e. occupying 5 frames of comb, it is defined as B5(5) = 5 frames of Bees (out of 5 frames in total).

When this colony is transferred into an 8-frame single-box starter hive and 3 frames of wax foundation added, it is defined as B5(8) = 5 frames of Bees (out of 8 frames in total).

After some time this colony will grow and all frames in this hive are occupied by bees; it is then defined as B8(8) = 8 frames of Bees (out of 8 frames in total). During this growth period the colony transitions through the stages B6(8) and B7(8) until full strength of a starter hive is reached.

Once the 8 frames are fully developed and occupied by bees, usually a second 8-frame hive box (super) is stacked onto the hive, providing the bee colony with 16 frames. A strong and prolific bee colony might run out of space in a two-tier beehive, so a third hive box with 8 frames gets stacked onto the hive, providing the colony with 24 frames to work on. Very strong colonies will accept a 4th box; a better option though is to limit the number of boxes to three and instead replace some frames full with capped honey by frames with wax foundation, providing the bees with the work space they need.

More about Hive Size Requirements in our Introductory Beekeeping Course.

Price structure according to colony strength
The development of a bee colony requires time and effort. For a fair price structure the price for a bee colony is determined by its strength and is based on:
$22 per frame covered and occupied by bees.
$8 per empty frame with wax foundation.
$12-$24 processing & handling fee

Example: B6(8) = 6 frames of Bees (8 frames in total in a starter hive)
6 frames fully built and occupied by bees, plus 2 frames with foundation.
Price: (6 x $22) + (2 x $8) + $12 = $160 for Option2, Bees for Your Hive.

For Option1, Beehive with Bees, the price of the empty single-box starter hive of $140 is added, totalling to $300.

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